Academic Year

Academic year

Clarion Village is a purpose-built student accommodation complex, comprising over 400 bedspaces in 150 apartments. It has an onsite Reception office, nightly security, onsite maintenance service, on site convenience store and self-service launderette.

It is in an ideal location, just 600m from the IT Sligo campus and is the perfect place to live with friends for the year and make new ones – the perfect choice for student accommodation in Sligo.

Clarion Village, Academic Year Rates 21/22

Due to legislative changes that came into effect in July 2021 we have had to change our payment structure for the 21/22 Academic Year. Students now have the option to pay rent on a monthly basis, though they may pay a few months at a time if they wish. The other most notable change is that the security deposit will now be the equivalent of one month’s rent. Details are as follows:

Charge Payment Due Date Double Ensuite Single Ensuite Single Standard Twin Ensuite Sharing (pp)
Booking/Security Deposit on booking €300.00 €300.00 €300.00 €300.00
Security Depoist Top-Up 01/09/2021 €111.67 €90.00 €68.33 -€40.00
Electricity Prepayment 01/09/2021 €350.00 €350.00 €350.00 €350.00
Utilities 01/09/2021 €420.00 €420.00 €420.00 €420.00


Note on booking/security deposit: A €300 booking deposit must be paid at the time of booking to secure a room, following a room offer. Upon commencement of your tenancy this booking deposit becomes part of your security deposit. You will be required to ‘top-up’ your security deposit to bring it to the equivalent amount of your monthly rent for your chosen room type, as listed below.

Lease duration: The academic year lease will run from 13th September 2021 to 27th May 2022.

Rental Payments: Payment Due Date Double Ensuite Single Ensuite Single Standard Twin Ensuite Sharing (pp)
13th Sept – 12th Oct 01/09/2021 €411.67 €390.00 €368.33 €260.00
13th Oct – 12th Nov 01/10/2021 €411.67 €390.00 €368.33 €260.00
13th Nov – 12th Dec 01/11/2021 €411.67 €390.00 €368.33 €260.00
13th Dec – 12th Jan 01/12/2021 €411.67 €390.00 €368.33 €260.00
13th Jan – 12th Feb 01/01/2022 €411.67 €390.00 €368.33 €260.00
13th Feb – 12th Mar 01/02/2022 €411.67 €390.00 €368.33 €260.00
13th Mar – 12th Apr 01/03/2022 €411.67 €390.00 €368.33 €260.00
13th Apr – 12th May 01/04/2022 €411.67 €390.00 €368.33 €260.00
12th May – 27th May 01/05/2022 €221.67 €210.00 €198.33 €140.00
€3,515.00 €3,330.00 €3,145.00 €2,220.00


Important Note for 1st Year Students: As CAO offers are due for release on 7th September 2021, the first payment due date for 1st Years will be delayed by one week to 08/09/21.

Booking/Security Deposit: €300 is payable on application and is refundable after the end of the academic year less damages or missing items. Wear & tear is taken into consideration, but excessive damage is payable by the student. A full statement of account will be available to each resident through their Student Portal to coincide with deposit return.

Electricity Prepayment: An electricity prepayment of €350 is made per applicant. Each apartment is metered for pre-pay electricity, and is topped up over the course of the academic year. Our current prepay provider is Pinergy. The pre-pay meters allow students to monitor and have greater control over their electricity usage on a daily basis. If an apartment runs out of electricity credit between top-ups they simply report this to management/security who will provide them with a top-up card, allowing the students to purchase additional credit online or from a local Paypoint shop. At the end of the academic year if credit remains on the meter this will be reimbursed equally among all residents in the apt.

Utilities Payment: A non-refundable utility fee of €420 is payable. This fee covers such costs as cable TV, refuse, TV licence, Wi-Fi etc.

Application Cancellation Policy:  If the applicant is unsuccessful in securing a place in their chosen college and wishes to cancel the accommodation, the applicant must cancel by email by close of business on the 13th August 2021. Cancellations by telephone will not be accepted, it must be in writing.

In the event of cancellation by the aforementioned date, a €100 cancellation fee will be deducted from the booking/damage deposit and the remainder refunded. Refunds will be issued by bank transfer only. If the applicant cancels after the cut-off date outlined above, no refund will be issued and the full €300 deposit will be retained.

Please click on the following for the full list of Terms & Conditions for booking at Clarion Village.

Located beside IT Sligo

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